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Knowledge acquired in one lifetime comes with you for atleast next seven lives
-- Thirukural
Start with a need

Start with a need

Necessity is the mother of all inventions..Learning should also be based on a need
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Search Courses

Search for courses based on your requirement under a specific course category
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Subscribe for a plan

Subscribe to a plan for the course..Can be based on time you require to complete the course


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Teaching is a special skill, that is why we engage the best of the best when it comes to play the role of an instructor in Cholan Academy.

Our courses are tailor made for the people who wants to scale new heights with the skills required for the job market.

Why Choose Us

We bring you some unique courses which are modelled after the latest trends in the job market

Unique Courses

We have given a significant thoughts to our course line up with some rare and unique courses

Multiple Languages

Some of our courses are tailored to be in different languages to make learning an experience

Mobile First

Access your courses from mobile phone and tablets conveniently

Clear Voice

We take utmost priority to make the courses accessible using our crystal clear voice technology

Take and Retake

Subscribe for 1 Month or 2 Months or 6 Months and keep watching it again and again

Saving Forests

Captured in HD voice quality at the time of recording with noise cancellation technology

Now Available
One Place for all your training needs..

Our goal is to become the one stop shop for all your learning needs..We will eventually get there in few years or so...


Our Services

We offer various flavors training to suite your needs..Just pick and chose the one which works for you..
Self Paced Training

Self Paced Training

Learn at your own pace with the self paced course and excellent support fromt the instructor through comments and chat
In Class Training

In Class Training

Want an inclass training in our place, we can accomodate you in our training classes as well
Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Have a group of employees to be trained on latest technologies ? We can provide the same at your place
On the Job Training

On the Job Training

Totally new to a technology or industry and need a jump start?

Our facts

History doesn't lie..Facts are on the open with supported data and analysis
A wide selection of Top Skills required in market
Learning at their own convenience from wherever they are
Hear about what our customers say about our courses


Here are some of our best selling courses from various categories

Our Team

Experts from various fields came together to bring this website to you..
Sudhakar Mani
Sudhakar ManiFounder
Oracle Expert Architect with 14+ Years of Experience in Information Technology industry with cutting edge technologies.
Vijay Kumar
Vijay KumarFounder
With 25+ Years experience in Food and Hospitality industry across Asia and Australia
Mani Thangaraj
Mani ThangarajCFO
With 25+ Years in State Bank of India and Indian Navy, Mani brings in his vast experience to Guide the young generation
Aarthi Ramalingam
Aarthi RamalingamCEO Working
Aarthi with 10+ Years of experience in IT industry, Co Author of OA Framework Beginners guide.

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