Volkswagen Diesel Goodwill Offer

Have you heard about the Volkswagen diesel goodwill offer?  Just a few days ago, Volkswagen announced that they are offering to all registered owners and lessee of Volkswagen diesel cars as of November 8, 2015 a goodwill offer.  This goodwill cash offer is composed of three parts.

They are offering a $500 gift card, $500 in dealership credit for services and parts, and three years of free 24-hour roadside assistance.  To take advantage of the offer, you must registered with Volkswagen and bring your car to a dealership to verify that you are a registered owner to activate your gift card.  Owners and lessee have until April to register.

It is reported that about 482,000 VW owners in the United States were affected by the Volkswagen emission cheating scandal.  Many more worldwide.  So this is an attempt by Volkswagen to buy back some of the goodwill that they have damaged as a result of the emission scandal.

This will probably be one of many steps designed by Volkswagen to repair their goodwill in the minds of their customers and dealers.

To some, this offer does not go far enough.  Orange County class action attorney, Pete Bezek, argues that VW needs to buy back this diesel cars at the price they were originally purchased at.  He and many other class action lawyers are initiating lawsuits to demand that VW buy back your cars.  You can read more of his interview with the Los Angeles Times


There are a number of class action lawsuits going on in Orange County.  Many of these class action law suits stay on the court calendar longer than your normal civil litigation cases because of the complexity of these type of cases and the procedures steps that you need to go through to get them certified and give all potential injured parties proper notice and an opportunity to join the class action law suit.

We are going to use our blog to update and give every one information on the various claims currently going on.  We’ll also talk about the different attorneys representing both the plaintiff and defendant side of these cases.  We will focus more on the plaintiff attorneys since they represent the general public and bring these types of claims to each and everyone of us.

These attorneys work hard so we want to give them proper attention and help you find the best attorney out there in case you want to bring your own claim for the good of all.