Case 1: Where are we exactly?

The Known Universe

In the past centuries we have learned, thanks to great scientists, that we live on a planet we call Earth, orbiting a star we named the Sun. We are not the only planet, we are part of a solar system where gravity is the king. The concept looks great in a book, but it actually took Voyager 1 and 2 at the end of the 21st century to truly appreciate it's magnificence.

Credit NASA

The travelling distances between each planets are incredible. To give you a small idea, the humans that will put foot on Mars will see Earth as barely a dot in the sky. Nonetheless, private companies and space organizations around the world are racing to go there. We are thus on the verge to see mankind expand beyond it’s birthplace and face the dangers that lurks between the shadows and the lights of the outer space.

View of Earth from Mars

Aiming for the stars

Quest to find life

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