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Crafts & DIYs

Here at Finish Your Crafts, you will find an inspiring collection of all things crafty. Including vintage patterns, helpful tips, DIYs and numerous other tidbits.

finish your crafts garden


Having a productive garden, creating an outdoor reading nook and upgrading our backyard living space are 3 of my top 5 goals for 2018. Please follow along with me on my journey.


Many of my crafting projects are presents for family and friends. Here you will find unique gift ideas that you can either make yourself or I can make for you.

finish your crafts gifts
finish your crafts holidays


I have an ever-growing selection of original and unique craft gift ideas for almost every holiday. Many homemade items for those gift-giving holidays!

Project Boards

My own Pinterest inspired DIY project page. Enjoy a collection of Videos, Websites and Pin Boards. From Crafting DIYs to Gardening & Technology. You name it I most likely have saved it here! You can use these boards to help inspire you to Finish Your Crafts.

finish your crafts project boards
finish your crafts our house

Our House

Our new adventure is living in the house that Grandpa Max built… The sweet little home on Chico Street is where Grandma Eleanor could walk to church. You can hear the bells ring every Sunday morning reminding the neighborhood that they are welcome. The door was always open at the house that Max built, they knew no strangers.


Are you in a crafting dilemma, have lost interest in a DIY, or, don’t have time to tackle your UFO’s (UnFinished Objects)? I may be able to assist you either by consultation to help kick start your creative process, or I can Finish Your Crafts for you.

finish your crafts services
finish your crafts tech answers

Tech Answers

In this section, I have accumulated a caboodle of my favorite technology resources. The Cyber World is such an excellent implement for accumulating information. I utilize this page as I would a Web Bookmark or Chrome Tab. With a background in technology and a good understanding of WordPress, Microsoft Publisher, and other programs, we could pull our resources and network. Let’s talk!


With our kids and their families living in San Diego and us living in Northern California, we find ourselves looking towards retirement and taking time to travel. Follow along as we begin this chapter of our wanderlust to see what in the world the Adams’ are doing.

finish your crafts travel
finish your crafts shop


To reach the Finish Your Crafts Storefront, click the “Read More” button. There you will find what current listings are available. We look to grow the vintage pattern downloadable PDF inventory in 2018.

Special Occasions

In the “Special Occasions” collection and project boards you will find an assortment of accessories for every occasion. If they dream it, I can create it!

finish your crafts special occasions

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. -Danny Kaye


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